Growth Is Never Found In Comfort


What I learned through all the ups and downs of my life for almost 22 years now is that we tend to grow more in the most inconvenient circumstances.

During the down times of our lives we tend to think faster, dig deeper, and mature further. I, for one, found myself becoming a better person during times that don’t really make me feel good. One example of this is having to admit my mistakes and owning up to the consequences that come along with it. I never felt comfortable admitting that I’m wrong, I always tend to find ways to turn it all around and pin my mistakes on others. However, growing up taught me that one of the most mature things one can do in his/her lifetime is to learn to admit when he/she was wrong and sucking up all the bad consequences that might come along with it, because after all, it was your mistake to begin with.

I also found myself growing to be a much better person when people around me intentionally do things to hurt my feelings. When friends leave and talk about you behind your back, it feels tempting to not let them get away with it. When people accuse you of doing things you never really did, you probably think it would feel better if you fight back and let them know they messed with the wrong person. But honestly? You know you’ve grown when you realize that not everything needs your comment anymore. So, this girl whom you don’t even know existed until she tried to make herself relevant by throwing shade at you on her social media accounts, won’t stop pestering you? Let her be. It’s her that is looking pathetic anyway. So your ex-boyfriend is spreading bad rumors about you but you know to yourself that whatever he’s saying aren’t true? Keep your mouth shut and don’t mind whatever bad things he made people think about you. As long as you know yourself, no one can take that away from you.

I have been in undesirable circumstances countless times already and I got to admit that most times I fail on being the BIGGER PERSON that I promised to be. Because most of the time, these circumstances are also made to break you. And unfortunately, sometimes, these people also find satisfaction in seeing you break. and sometimes you really need to break.

During times like this, my advise to you is to to not say anything and continue improving yourself. Because you know what annoys these people more? Seeing you not give a damn while all they do in their life is think about you.

There are many more bad moments waiting for you to frown upon in the future and some of them would probably be much worse than the first, but always know that one day you would look back on these moments and be glad that you went through it. Because without it? You wouldn’t be the great person that you are today!

Times might be hard right now and it might seem like nothing is going right anymore, but keep in mind that God will not put you in situations which He thinks you cannot surpass. As cliché as it sounds, everything will eventually fall into their proper places.

So, today, no matter how tough things get, GET UP, WEAR A HUGE SMILE, AND FIGHT! Because tomorrow, things are about to get better, and YOU ARE ABOUT TO GET BETTER.