420 Zambali Summer: A Celebration of Love, Life, and Faith by the beach

Zambali Summer is a celebration of love, life, and faith and the freedom to enjoy all of that. It is a music festival that would showcase mainstream bands from the Metro and up and coming local artists from Zambales, with the beautiful beach coast of Zambales as its backdrop. Zambali is derived from the word… Continue reading 420 Zambali Summer: A Celebration of Love, Life, and Faith by the beach


The “New Boracay” Travel Guide 2019

I don’t normally do travel guides, but as I was preparing for my Boracay trip months ago, I had a hard time looking for online guides on the post-rehab Boracay, so I thought my fellow wanderers could actually use some help. As you all know, Boracay, known as the biggest and most beautiful party island… Continue reading The “New Boracay” Travel Guide 2019


The Place That Turned Me Into A Beach Person.

If you look at my instagram, you probably won't believe that I never liked the beach, but that's the truth. I only go there for the photos, I don't even go for a swim. First, because I don't know how. Second, because the idea of the ocean being vast and unpredictable have always scared me.… Continue reading The Place That Turned Me Into A Beach Person.


‘Yan si *girl* game yan,’ MYTH DEBUNKED

Growing up around boys, I've heard all sorts of sexist, degrading comments that youngsters usually throw at girls. It was cool, I used to find those remarks funny, even came up with pieces of my own at some point. But then it was thrown at me. Not once, not twice, and not even thrice. Countless… Continue reading ‘Yan si *girl* game yan,’ MYTH DEBUNKED


I Found The Perfect Travel Buddy!

Man, being single is really something else! Sure, you have all your friends to hang out and go on vacations with, but they aren't available 24/7. Not that I'm complaining. Being single is a very rewarding feeling and it is when we grow the most. For someone who likes to travel, it is very important… Continue reading I Found The Perfect Travel Buddy!