This Is What Happens When She Finally Moved On.

When she finally moved on, she still thinks about you but you’re not the first thing on her mind everyday anymore.

When she finally moved on, she still stalks you on social media but she doesn’t think about wanting to be a part of your life anymore.

When she finally moved on, she still prays for you but not for you to stay in her life. She prays that you have all the best things in life because she loved you more than anything at one point and she still wishes for your happiness.

When she finally moved on, she still talks about you all the time only because she values the time you spent together but not because she misses you.

When she finally moved on, she realizes how much time and effort she spent on you, and how you chose to put everything to waste when you decided to hurt her.

When she finally moved on, she would start making plans for herself without thinking about how you would feel. She would start doing things to make herself happy, not you.

When she finally moved on, she would think about the times you spent together and she would realize how toxic the relationship was.

When she finally moved on, she would spend more time with her family and friends to make up for the times she built her world around you and forgot about everybody else.

When she finally moved on, she would travel and go to places. Not because she is moving on, but because she has already moved on and she wants to maximize all the good things that the world has to offer.

When she finally moved on, she would put on more effort on self-care, because her top priority isn’t caring for you anymore but caring for herself.

When she finally moved on, she still thinks about you with anger and disgust for what you’ve done to her. She might not have forgiven you yet, but she has already forgiven herself for believing you could be better.

When she finally moved on, she still cares about your family and friends whom she loved like her own, but she wouldn’t care enough to reach out to them anymore.

When she finally moved on, she would find herself not checking your horoscope anymore after checking hers.

When she finally moved on, she still remembers you when your favorite songs play, but she doesn’t press skip anymore.

When she finally moved on, she realizes that you are not the best thing that has happened to her. She realizes that there are many things much greater than being in a relationship with you.

When she finally moved on, she finally understands her worth. She understands that she’s worth more than being treated like property. She understands that she’s worth so much more than being objectified for her body.

When she finally moved on, she would still find herself speaking well of you despite all the bad things and lies she heard you were spreading about her. She still respects you the same way she did when you were still together.

When she finally moved on, she still remembers you on special occasions, but she’s not interested on spending those special days with you anymore.

When she finally moved on, it still hurts her to see you replace her, but she’s confident that you wouldn’t find anyone who would love you the exact same way that she did.

When she finally moved on, she does everything to make herself happy, she doesn’t care about what others will say as long as she’s smiling.

When she finally moved on, she doesn’t remember you as a person she once had feelings for. She remembers you as a distant memory, like you’re just an experience that taught her lessons the hard way.

When she finally moved on, you finally lost the person who once built her world around you and cared for you like you were the most precious thing on earth.

When she finally moved on, she would still look back, but you will never have her back.


Talisayen Cove: Unspoiled Beach In Zambales

Talisayen Cove, San Antonio, Zambales
14-15 April 2018, Inexpensive Summer Getaway Like No Other

Summer started, you and your friends started planning your getaways, but you are short in budget? I’ve got you covered!

100% sure you have heard about Anawangin and how inexpensive camping on the island is. Maybe you’ve seen it countless times on your instagram feed since everyone seems to have went there already.

Would you believe me if I say I found a place just as beautiful (or maybe more) just near Anawangin with a much cheaper cost and more convenient accomodation? Also, only few (if not none) of your friends have been to this place before! Believe me because it’s true!

As I was looking for cheap beaches for us to go to, my workmate suggested going to Talisayen Cove. An unspoiled beach just near Anawangin, with a beautiful beach and wonderful view, for only less than a thousand pesos.

We already booked this place twice this summer because of how accomodating the people are. For less than a thousand pesos each, we already had a nipa hut to sleep in, a back and forth boat ride, and they even provided our utensils and cookwares. Can you believe that?

The owner of the place, Kuya Paul, is very accomodating. He really made sure we are having a fun and convenient time staying in this serene place. It is indeed a hidden paradise. I was even thinking twice about posting this because I don’t want to share it only for it to get spoiled and abused just like the others. But who am I to not share this beautiful paradise? This one is worth sharing!

We already tried pitching tents and sleeping on the huts, and any of the two are just as fun. We also tried snorkelling, cliff diving, and going inside a cave (all activities for an additional 100 pesos per person), we also rented this circular boat (I don’t really know what it’s called), but they said it’s like that thing they call a flyfish. It costed us 500 pesos, and there were 13 of us. Amazing, I know!

Even the locals are really fun to talk to. Other people staying in the island are very friendly as well. We even received lots of free food from other tourists, which makes our stay in Talisayen much more exciting.

We’re definitely going back for the 3rd, 4th, and many more times!

Just a reminder that if you ever plan on going to Talisayen Cove or any beaches for that matter, please leave no trace. Make sure to throw your garbage on the right places (Talisayen has garbage cans ready on the island), and for the beaches that don’t have this, make sure to bring your own and collect your trash properly. Remember what happened to Boracay? We do not want that again!!

Feel free to contact Kuya Paul if you’re interested in going to Talisayen Cove: through these numbers 09175919524 (Globe)/09399025399 (Smart) or through his facebook account.
I’m sure he will be very happy to accomodate you!

Also, if you need car rentals, hit me up! I can hook you up with ones we’ve already tried that offer cheap rates as well! (I won’t get any money from this, by the way. Just helping people out and sharing the fun!)

Unnecessary photos of the blogger to end the post, there ya go!

Sitting Is The New Smoking.

Always wanted to dress casually and comfortably at work, but never had the chance to do so? Read on and learn how you might be able to convince your boss to allow you to dress down for a day, while also promoting a healthier body and a better lifestyle!

The simplest guideline for all of us would have to be,

“Sit less and move more,”

According to close to 2,000-member Philippine Heart Association (PHA) and the husband and wife tandem of fitness gurus, Jim and Toni Saret.

Yes, there’s a direct relationship between time spent sitting and your risk of early mortality of any cause. As your total sitting time increases, so does your risk of an early death.

Sitting for around eight hours a day at the workplace increases the risk of contracting heart disease, cancer and diabetes by 40 percent. Actually, it can cause killer legs, too.

Majority of the world population is in the working age-group. This group are always on the computer. Glued on their seats for eight hours, they lead sedentary lifestyles, while facing different kinds of stress which leads to unhealthy eating (stress eating) and lifestyle. Most of them are unable to engage in appropriate physical activities for their physical and mental well-being. And in worse cases, some do not have the means to cope with stress and maintain mental health.

Eating healthy, exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy weight, and avoiding vices like alcohol and cigarettes are ways of preventing major lifestyle diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancers as well as other risk factors such as raise blood pressure, raise blood sugar level, and obesity. However, awareness and practices of these healthy benefits are still low among the working population.

The Philippine Heart Association (PHA), a non-stock, non-profit organization of 1,780 Filipino cardiologists is committed to foster exceptional cardiovascular education and primary care for everyone. Living up to its mission, the PHA aims to do its share on the awareness on preventive and management of heart diseases.

The initiative encourages employees to improve their physical and mental well-being, and effectively address sedentary lifestyles by launching a campaign called “Sneakers Friday.”

“Sneakers Friday”

capitalizes on promoting physical activity. It is meant to promote workplace health and wellness where personnel are encouraged to wear sneakers, casual top and pants every Friday as a “dress down day.”

The PHA’s “Sneakers Friday” campaign builds on the perspective that individuals have the ability to adopt healthy lifestyles when supported by a conducive workplace environment that promotes “healthy eating, healthy habits, and physical and mental fitness.”

In order to obtain a healthy lifestyle, it is important to incorporate wellness in all aspects of one’s life, including the workplace. Corporate wellness generates many positive outcomes for their employees as well as the company itself. Even a simple activity such as walking (or brisk walking, with 100 steps per minute) has so many powerful health benefits. When done correctly and regularly, it can be the key to losing weight, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, and boosting your memory as well as reducing your risk for developing heart disease, diabetes, cancer and more. Walking could be done effortlessly without interrupting corporate work. One can also choose to take the stairs rather than ride the elevator or when one parks the car, choose the farthest end so you’d have more time to walk.

The “Sneakers Friday” initial campaign got off the ground spearheaded by medical professionals and cardiovascular experts themselves in November of 2017 with the Makati Medical Center as its launching site, followed by The Medical City where every last weekday was officially declared as “Sneakers Friday.”

Last Tuesday, May 22, 2018, The “Sneakers Friday” campaign is officially launched. The ultimate goal of this campaign is to encourage the corporate sector to integrate more physical activity into their hectic pace and to make them aware that the corporate sector is the paragon of good health.

The benefits of incorporating a wellness program like “Sneakers Friday” in your workplace:

1. Aside from promoting a healthy lifestyle, it relieves employee stress, and it also promotes employee camaraderie. Setting time aside for employees to exercise can help reduce stress and overall sitting time. It also releases endorphins (happy hormones) and in the process creating happier and more energized employees. With a better mood and more energy comes more productivity!

2. Incorporating the Sneakers Friday campaign is great for promoting employee fitness and health. Partaking in physical fitness activities is proven to lower one’s chances of getting sick, which in return will ultimately lower health care costs for employees and the company. In addition, there’s an increase productivity as employees take fewer sick days too.

3. Employees get to know fellow employees outside of work. With a great group activity that allows co-workers to get to know each other better, employees will get the benefits of physical activity and the socialization that comes along with the group exercise.

With the “Sneakers Friday” campaign, coupled with healthy habits and lifestyle, the PHA looks forward to seeing happier and heart healthier Filipinos.

In collaboration with the Philippine Heart Association.

The Amusing Thing About Pain.

The amusing thing about pain is you don’t know whether it’s starting to hurt less or you’re just starting to grow stronger.

When we broke up the 2nd time, I just woke up the next day feeling great. I didn’t feel happy, but I was doing great. I was fine. I’ve never been better. As if a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulder.

But I was scared.

I was scared because I never felt this way towards you, not in the midst of losing you. I was expecting to see myself destructed, devastated, with no will to live. Just like the first time. But I wasn’t.

“What is this?” I asked. Am I unconsciously suppressing my emotions again? Maybe this is just the calm before the storm?

Days, weeks, and months, passed. I am still okay. Still doing great. The waves are still calm. Apparently, there is no storm coming anymore. I AM OKAY. I AM BETTER.

I told myself I’m scared to see you with somebody else. I thought, maybe, that’s when everything will fall apart for me. That’s when it will start hurting again. It will be like a scabbed wound I accidentally scratched, and it will hurt so much more than the first time.

The day came. My friends sent me updates as fast as lightning. Some of your friends did too. But I didn’t feel anything. I AM OKAY. The person I thought I’d get to spend the rest of my life with is already in someone else’s arms and I AM OKAY. What does this mean?

I am genuinely happy.

I don’t know if it all started hurting less or I just grew stronger after everything. But who cares, right? I’m okay and I haven’t been okay in a long time.

It’s true when they say that you will just wake up one day and you’re not feeling anything anymore. Surprisingly, the pain you felt will already be a thing of the past. Believe me, it happened to me.

So I’m taking this chance to thank you for all the happy moments, for all the sad ones. I am much stronger now and I now know what I want. I am genuinely happy now, and I am happy for you. I wish you all the best, like always.

I am taking this opportunity to thank everyone who has been with me all throughout. Through all those sappy drunk nights, through all those spontaneous moving on hikes, and even in those drama-filled groupchats. I owe all of you a huge chunk of my progress. Thank you for always looking after me. Thank you for making sure I’ll get over something I thought I’ll never get over. THANK YOU!

Thank You, God, for giving me strength. I begged and plead for You to heal my broken heart, and You did. For that, I will forever be grateful. THANK YOU!

And to everyone who’s going through something painful right now:


Embrace the pain. Feel it and channel it into greater things. No matter how long it takes, no matter how hard you think it’s getting overtime, it can’t rain forever.

Scream, Get Drunk, Ugly Cry.

Fuck what they say and do whatever it takes to be happy again. They don’t get to choose how you heal, but you do. YOU WILL BE OKAY. YOU WILL BE GENUINELY HAPPY AGAIN. Let me hold your hand through this, if I did it, you definitely can do it too.

The day will come and you will look someone in the eye, and say, “I survived,” and if you’re lucky, that someone will come from the mirror, staring back at you with a huge smile and eyes filled with strength and hope. That person will be YOU. The you who once thought will never make it, but did.

Sometimes You Have To Crawl Back To The Person Who Broke You And See It For Yourself.

“Stop reaching out to him. He clearly doesn’t love you anymore.”
“You deserve better.”
“Stop feeding his ego.”

At some point in your life you’ve heard all those. From your friends who already got fed up with your drama, from your sister who’s tired of seeing you being taken for granted, or from your workmates who are starting to hate you because all you did at work today is message your ex boyfriend and beg for him to come back.

They can keep telling you all of these hurtful truths, but at the end of the day it will still be your decision whether to stop reaching out to him or not. Why are you doing this in the first place? Maybe because of the belief that what you had was good, and something as simple as one mistake will not be enough to break the two of you apart. He loves you, he loves you so much, and you know deep down in your heart that he will not be able to unlove you that quickly. “He was just mad, he didn’t really want to leave me.” At least that’s what you keep on making yourself believe.

You know you’ve been good to him, actually, the best you’ve ever been. You filled him with love, exerted a lot of effort, took care of him and even loved his friends and family as if they were your own. You’d like to believe that all the good things you’ve done would weigh more than the one thing you did wrong, and for that you will be forgiven. The same way you have always forgiven him for all his shortcomings. It was just one mistake, anyway, you want to believe his love for you will overrule his anger.

After 2 months of desperately reaching out and begging him to hear out your explanation, he finally gave in. He finally talked to you. He said he didn’t want you back and you said you didn’t want him back either. You just wanted to check up on him, right? For a while, you are happy again. You have him back. Maybe not the way you want to, but you’d take what you could get. As long as you have him, no matter what the circumstances.

Eventually, this happiness will die down. Once you realize you’re just hurting yourself more with each conversation you have. Once you start feeling an ache in your heart whenever you smile at his messages because you know that you can never have him the same way anymore. Eventually, you will stop forcing yourself to him, and that’s when he will start running after you.

He will beg and beg and admit all the mistakes he never dared admit when you two were still together. He will promise you things will change and he will tell you stories of how he looked for you in every girl he hooked up with in the past 2 months.

And you will melt.

You will melt and you will take him back. With hopes that this time it will be better. This time, it will last.

It won’t.

He thought he wanted you back because he missed seeing you beg for him, he missed having his ego fed.

He thought he still loved you because he realized how great you are and he felt fear that no one will ever love him the same way.

He begged for you to commit to him again because he can’t bear the possibility of seeing you in someone else’s arms. He was just selfish enough to make you commit to him again even though he never planned on doing the same thing to you.

“I told you so.”

Your friends and family will tell you this because you were so stubborn. But this time you will respond with a smile. Despite the pain that you are feeling, you know that this time you’ll make it. Because now you know you’ve done everything you could and there’s nothing else left to do but move forward. You gave him all your love, and it still wasn’t enough. You know better now. You know that losing him wasn’t even a loss.

You wish him best, you really do. More than anything, you still want him to be happy. Maybe you can’t forgive him yet, but you have already forgiven yourself.

It was never your fault you loved too much. You were never wrong for trying again. Now you know that the day he left was just your beginning. They’ve always told you. But you just had to see it for yourself.

Words can hurt or heal. What did yours do today?

Disclaimer: I know I was supposed to be talking about my adventures on this blog, but hey, this is something that needs to be pondered on. So, sit back, relax, and read through as you re-assess yourself. Adventures would be so much better if you know you’re not running away from doing people wrong 😉

I bet all of you are well aware of how hyped up is the ‘Thirteen reasons why’ series nowadays. It has been commended and criticized, depending upon how people have understood it. Well, I’m not going to do that. But just know that I have read the book and I have it in mind as I write this entry.

Words can hurt or heal. Take it from someone who has always been reckless at spitting out her opinion and someone who already got used to taking shit from other people. Take it from someone who have been on both sides of the spectrum. I’m not gonna come clean, I am a terrible person. I’ve said things, done things, that has hurt others and with all sincerity, I apologize. I’ve always been a people person, I got a lot of friends who talk to me whenever I pass by them along the school corridors. Friends who are only there for the good times. Lately, I’ve made a lot of changes on myself. Lifestyle, people I acquaint myself with, perspective in life, etc. This includes leaving people behind and not giving a damn about what they say.


Photo Credits: Thirteen Reasons Why (

But is it really possible to not give a shit about what people say? Is it really possible to not be hurt whenever people talk about you behind your back? I don’t think so.  Being the strong person that I am, I always tell my friends to not give a shit about those stuff, to not let other people’s words bother them. I thought I never did. Until one day I found myself in the corner of my room, fighting off the tears and the screams that wanted to get out of my system as I think of all the bad things that people around me were saying. Until I bawled my eyes out and screamed with the hopes that the lump in my throat would be gone for good.


Photo Credits: Thirteen Reasons Why (

Have I ever thought of taking the same road Hannah Baker did? No, I didn’t. But just like Hannah, I wanted the pain to stop. I wanted to stop caring. I wanted to stop feeling. As I made some changes on my life, I’d like to believe I became a better person. I’ve decided to always just be the BIGGER person. Not the person who I was before. The person who hurt back the people who hurt her just to feel better, the person who said shit about people just to feel good about herself. I am not that person anymore. And as good as it feels, it sucks just the same. It sucks to feel helpless while people around you continue to pick on you. It sucks to be taken for granted and to be perceived as a weak person for not fighting back and choosing to still be a good person.

Not gonna lie, I still say shit about people until now, I am still a terrible person. I am just more mindful of my actions now. Because I know how bad it feels to want to stop feeling things and to feel desperate of getting rid of the pain. I guess I just got blessed with few people who made sure I get through it with them. But what about those who do not have friends as good as mine? What about those people who got their problems all piled up as if nothing could go right anymore? I’ve been there and trust me when I say, it’s like a 30-day trial of hell.

Now, I’m gonna be honest with you. I wrote this because I feel bad, because I want the pain I’m feeling to stop. I wrote this because I needed an outlet for all the words that has been hurting me lately. Because sometimes, the comforting words are not enough.


Photo Credits: Thirteen Reasons Why (

Sometimes the comforting words are not enough to cover up all the mean words people have said about you but taking your life is not an option. It should never be an option for anybody. The world and the people in it are terrible, we are terrible. But not all the choices we have are terrible as well. We could still choose to be good and to be happy. There’s so much to be thankful for. We can choose to stop saying shit about others, to begin with.

It sucks to be in a very happy state in your life and have other people try to ruin it. It hurts to be thrown with hurtful words just because you did things to protect something that is important to you. I am hurting, but I will get through this. Shout out to my friends who didn’t tell me all good things, my friends who do not always agree with me and made sure they call me out whenever I did something wrong. Maybe that’s when you know you’re blessed with friendship that is true, when they do not just tell you the things you want to hear. When they call you out when you’re doing something wrong because they want you to be a good person and they believe that you are capable of being one. Thank you, friends, for giving me something to be thankful for daily.  Thank you for never giving up on me.

To my boyfriend who never fails to make me smile and remind me that I am worthy, Thank you. Thank you for making sure that I feel loved everyday. Thank you for always standing up for me whenever other people does me wrong, for doing everything in your power to ensure that our relationship is getting the respect that it deserves and for exerting extra effort in countering my demons. Thank you for being my knight in shining armor. 

To my family, we may all have our shortcomings, but thank you for being my number 1 reason for being strong. Thank you for always asking if I’m okay. Thank you for always hugging me after every long and tiring day. Thank you for wanting to fight for me during my battles even though I just keep on stopping you. Thank you for putting up with my shit whenever I am in a bad mood because people have done me wrong once again. Lastly, Thank you for always reminding me not to aim for perfection, but to aim for goodness. I wouldn’t be the strong person that I am if not for you.

To You, Papa God, Thank You! Thank You for putting these people in my life. Thank You for blessing me more than I deserve and forgive me for not appreciating it enough. Thank You for being my solid rock foundation and for being the one I talk to whenever I feel like I don’t have anybody left. Thank You for being the great God that You always are. I will forever be in awe of Your love for me.

To everyone who has read through my entry and made it here, Thank you! Thank you for giving me a platform I could use to feel better. Thank you for listening. Now that you’re here, I want you to walk away with this thought which you could ask yourself daily:

Words can hurt or heal. What did yours do today?

My greatest adventure.

Lately, I haven’t been able to go places or climb mountains due to the fact that I am busy working on our undergraduate study (the one I’ve been working on during my Samar trip) and of course because of the Graduation Myth. The only places you’d find me in are my house, my group mates’ houses, libraries, and school. I was actually close to becoming depressed already because of how uneventful my life is. Can you imagine being in front of your laptop, extracting knowledge from your exhausted brain 24/7? I never thought I was capable of doing such foolishness.

However, looks like God doesn’t want me to stop wandering and going on adventures like what I promised myself at the beginning of this year, so He made sure I would go to the greatest adventure of my 2017 without having to go that far.

A month ago, I had the most unexpected encounter with this man at our school. It’s a mundane thing for me to be able to talk to strangers daily, but the manner of how we met was just so unexpected and surreal. I wouldn’t narrate everything that happened that day, but I’m taking you straight to the month after that. A month after the unexpected encounter, I didn’t expect to actually fall in love with this man. After years of building walls, putting my guard up and believing that love isn’t just for me, I fell in love. All the 11:11’s I spent wishing for genuine happiness has finally paid off. All the heartaches and all the pain led me to this. Everything I’ve gone through led me to him.

All these years I thought all that I am and all that I could be was just a side chick, that everybody would eventually leave once they see my flaws, that saving numbers shouldn’t even be a thing anymore since people would just call whenever they’re bored or running out of people to talk to, but then he came. Not in a white horse and a carriage, but in a green basketball jersey. I’ve always told myself that I don’t need a man to save me, but he came and did exactly just that. He saved me. He saved me from all the sad things, from all the bad experiences. He saved me from the belief that I am not worth it.

To YOU, I do not know when you’ll be able to read this. But just know that I love you. I may have tendencies of pushing you away and not believing everything you say, but I’m trying and trust me when I say I will try harder. I will do anything to keep you. Because baby, you are my greatest adventure, and I don’t ever wanna go home.